Our services

As your childs pediatrician, we offer a variety of services for our patients in our office and coordinate other medical services through other specialties or hospital services. Read more about services offered at our clinic.

Newborn care

We will see you and your new baby in our office at one to two weeks of age. During these visits we will address many issues related to newborn care.

Pediatric and adolescent well visits

Physical examinations are often the best way to detect illnesses early or prevent future problems. We will see your child on a regular schedule to evaluate physical well being as well as developmental progress.


Our staff will provide the mandatory immunizations as required by the state of North Carolina for your child during their routine healthcare visits. In addition we can offer other vaccines that will prevent other illnesses such as the flu.

We adhere to all regulatory guidelines concerning storage and management of vaccines. Rest assured that we do everything possible to protect our patients.

Sick child visits

We feel that sick children should be seen on the same day whenever possible. Our goal is to quickly address acute illnesses in order to assure a speedy recovery.

Requested forms

Please note requested forms may take 5-7 business days to complete. There may be an additional fee for the requested forms.